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The Gods created the world. And upon creating it, and its many varied races and creatures, they decided upon an expirement. They would put their most cherished creations, the powerful and near timeless dragons in charge of their world. They would leave these ‘almost immortals’ to watch over the faith of their respective followers, and they would do so completely. The Gods left Halcia with those simple instructions to the Dragonlords, and so it was for years uncounted. The Dragonlords held fast to each of their masters wishes, stewarding the mortal populace for them.

But the Gods never returned. Time crept on, less powerful elder dragons died off, and slowly new blood crept in. The rebellion was almost inevitable. The Dragonlords began to force their whims on the mortals with more frequency. They changed their role from steward to King, and the Age of the Drakelords began.

And still the Gods didn’t return.

The few Dragonlords that held to their covenants were chased into obscurity, unable to stand against the overwhelming power of their fallen brethren. For thousands of years the Drakelords reigned in darkness over the mortal world. Yet despite all this there WERE pockets of resistance. Mortals who still believed in the Gods as they had been taught in the past. No matter how the Drakelords tried they could never stamp out these beliefs completely. And they knew that if they didn’t there was always a possibility the Gods might return. They also knew that the only being capable of fanning these flames must be one of their own kind.

And it was.

Kendall Goldwing, the most powerful dragon of them all, and thought (until then) to have been killed during the first culling of the Faithful Drakelords.

Then one day, after so many thousands of years of believing and waiting, the Gods returned to answer the prayers of one man.

Jordan Thymes.

A man of great faith born into a family whose belief never wavered, Jordan’s prayers offered his own life and soul to glorify the Gods and show the world their beauty, their power, and their righteousness. These prayers were heard, and answered. Imbued with the power and love of the Gods, Jordan set out across Halcia in search of allies, and found them. With each addition to his group their power and legend grew. When Kendall Goldwing and his disciple, the Exiled One joined them, the Drakelords could dawdle no longer.

The Drake War had begun, and it was terrible. It raged for 100 years, across the length and breadth of the entire world. In the end a desperate gambit ended it all, destroying the last of the Drakelords as well as the remaining Faithful Dragons. The world was, for the first time, free of Wyrms.

Fifty years after the devastation, the peoples of Halcia find themselves not much closer to rebuilding the world. The respective kingdoms of each of the Dragons were virtually razed. Their citadels lie in ruin, and many of their cities are all but rubble. A few remain though, largely intact, as well as a few of the larger insurgent camps as well. From these bastions of civilization does the world begin to pick itself up again. Nations quickly attempt to establish themselves, some rise, some fall. The standard border wars and annexations are a thing of everyday life for the first few decades. After roughly 30 years the various kingdoms have become largely established. The Northern Kingdoms reach their agreement in ADL 33, at the Alvaritian Accord. The rest of the world has also returned to a semblance of quiet normality. Trade routes are open on both land and sea, though each is beset by a number of difficulties from weather to bandits. So much knowledge of the world before has been lost, or destroyed, that the mortal races venture out tenatively, fearfully. The world of Halcia is one where only the smallest embers of hope still burn.

But ANY fire can be fanned, and if tended, grow once more into a blaze.

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