To their enemies, they are brutal and fearsome opponents, without parallel in their ferocity and cunning. To their allies, they are noble and honorable, following the traditions of an ancient path said to have been brought to them by avatars of the gods themselves. The orcs of Halcia are part of a race instilled with the spirits of wisdom and power, worshiping the ancient spirits of nature and practicing the ways of honorable combat. Though brutal in a fight, orcs have a feral grace and a brutal passion that equals the finest fencing of an elven noble.

For an Orc, skill in battle brings great honor. It is the concept of personal honor that pervades orcish society, a concept that has made the race cohesive and capable of surviving the wild frontiers where dragons roam and attack with abandon. The concept of honor pervades all echelons of orcish society. Even the naming of an orc is temporary until he has performed a rite of passage. Once an orc has brought honor to his name and the name of his clan, the elders give him a second name based upon his deed. For an orc, honor is as important as his clan, and most will die defending either clan or personal reputation. While the orcs might seem quick to anger, but this rage can be tempered (or inflamed) by the wisdom of their leaders and their medicine-men.

There are two sub-races of Orcs in Halcia:



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